Registration and Tech

  • Registration – closes 1 hour prior to the race schedule start time. NO EXCEPTIONS! (17)
  • Registration fees – $100 for full weekend of racing, drags and slalom. Driver and 1 navigator only. If driver or navigator provides proof that they paid a gate fee that money will be reimbursed from the gate money. No refunds.

70% for payout, 15% to WORR, 15% to hosting club.

Of the 70% payout. (1st place – 50%, 2nd place – 30% and 3rd place – 20%) (16)

  • Anyone under the age of 16 will not be allowed in a race vehicle (applies to when the vehicle is racing). Proof of age may be requested.
  • Switching vehicles – There will be no switching vehicles once registered for the season. Only exception is if a vehicle is wrote off you can bring in another vehicle in the same class and transfer your registered # and points to this vehicle. *Must stay in same class.
  • You may only register a vehicle in one class and will remain in that class all season. At some events bumping may be permitted at the discretion of the hosting club.
  • Tow/Race vehicle- driver and 1 person will be reimbursed for gate pass upon registering the race truck, both must be present at time of registration. No exceptions.
  • Bumping is permitted only up one class to the next class where vehicle meets class rules. (At discretion of the hosting club) (15)
  • Truck #s – Points runners are to display their registered # at the top right corner, highly visible permanently affixed. This is a part of tech and will be enforced. Non-point runner’s #s will be given at event registration. All point runner #s will be whole numbers from 1-100. See Libbie Misner for pre-registering a # for your vehicle, there will be a registration fee of $10, to register for a point runner #. This is payable to Libbie Misner on or prior to the first event. (16)
  • Tech is mandatory at each event – Tech will all be done UP AT, AND BEFORE Only the vacuum check will be done before their class runs. There will be appointed Tech/Safety guys (Brian Misner, Jens Wagner and Vern Uhlman – Spencer Gammond as a backup) who will attend each event. If 1 of the Tech guys cannot make it to an event, it’s his responsibility to get a replacement. (17)
  • Tech and Safety men are to make the decision on whether or not a vehicle can run and in which class they are to run in. They will have final say and are not to be overruled by the hosting club.
  • Re-Tech- starter or officials may request to have a vehicle re-teched at any time.
  • Major Sponsor decals – All registered vehicles must have a decal from the major WORR sponsor on their vehicle to race. (15)