• Points will only be awarded in your registered class at the beginning of the season.
  • Slalom times – all 4 slalom times will count for points. (17)
  • No Show – If a race vehicle does not register and pass tech at each event, your points for that event (drags & slalom each), will be the total of number of registered trucks in your class at the beginning of the year +1, per event. (17)
  • No finish at an event will result in last place points.
  • Must make a full stop at the end of slalom run, before entering pit area. If you fail to come to a complete stop then it will result in a one stake penalty (2 seconds). Hosting club must provide a stop sign and have placed at finish line.
  • Points will be calculated each day for drags and both slalom runs. (To determine the trucks positions for that weekend). Ties will not be broken at the end of an event and payouts will be divided evenly. In the event of a tie at the end of the season, ties will be broken by how many 1st place finishes, drags and slalom, each person has. (17)
  • Stakes – will result in a 2 second penalty. Stake must completely fall to result in a penalty. Stakes must be at least 2 ft. high and have to be painted orange or red at least 6 inch on top and highly visible. Cannot use hay bales, tires, pylons etc. in place of stakes.