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Stadium Style Drags and Slalom General Rules

  • A representative from the hosting club must be at the start line of the drags and slalom to help with windows being rolled up, etc. This must be enforced. This does not mean the light tree operator.
  • All drag trees are to be set up the same way. The starting grid is decided by random draw.
  • Drag track is to be 200ft long by at least 60ft wide with a minimum of 200ft shutdown area. They can widen the track at any event only at the discretion of the safety committee.
  • Stadium style drag track – Double elimination. The track, from the start line to the first corner must be exactly the same. (17)
  • Two minute timer is started once the first truck is staged and has activated the stage light. Once the two minutes are up, the staged truck will get a bye run.
  • The slalom and drags will run in the following order; 4&6 cyl stock, 8 cyl stock, ProLite, Super stock, Prostock, Modified. Both runs will be in the same order.
  • Start line – A fire extinguisher must be at the start line at all times: Vehicles must start out in 4 wheel drive for both drags and slalom, this will be at the discretion of the track officials. If the vehicle slips into 2 wheel drive during run it will be re-teched. If this was due to mechanical failure your time will stand, if it is determined that this was intentional your time will be disqualified. (17)
  • Each participant gets the same number of runs, regardless if they are points trucks or not.
  • Slalom start line– after staged, as soon as your wheels move the timer is activated.
  • Walk around is led by host club around the slalom course immediately after drivers’ meeting (prior to slow run). Host club may decide to have a drive around to save time, if this is the case a walk around may be performed before gates open to the public for any drivers who wish to participate.(16)
  • Slow run to be driven in any truck by a non-racer and a host club member as the navigator.
  • Stop watches- there must be 2 stop watches at the start line of each slalom run to be used as a backup in case of timer failure.