4 & 6 Cylinder Stock Class

  • Anything that is factory built stock, full stock body, stock running gear, or a combination of stock components. Must be located in stock location.
  • Body lifts allowed for tire clearance only. (18)
  • Box must be made of metal construction, including headboard and floor. Made and removed as one unit. Must have exterior OEM panels or replacement OEM panels. (18)
  • May run open exhaust.
  • No aluminum carburetor intakes except for OEM fuel injection systems.
  • Factory OEM aluminum heads may be used in conjunction with factory OEM fuel injection.
  • Shocks must be OEM mounted. No Fox shocks allowed. (18)
  • No aftermarket add ons except carburetors and headers (No fuel pumps or ignitions).
  • DOT approved tires, no cut tires allowed.
  • No gutting of interior. The dash may only be removed if the roll cage is closer to the firewall for safety at the discretion of the tech. (17)
  • Glass- All glass and windshield MUST be in place at each event. In the event of a rollover, it must be replaced with glass or Lexan. (17)
  • Outside cosmetics- Can be removed. If they fall off, no need to be replaced. (17)
  • Bumpers- Allowed to be replaced with tube bumpers. Must be 2 rows, to outside of body. (17) (18)
  • Quick steer is allowed.
  • No nitrous/ forced inductions. (17)